France, DRouin, Jules, To and Luis are parts of Misteur Valaire.

Webalbum : Friterday Night

Produced by Loïc Thériault & MV
Recorded by Loïc Thériault at Studio Cinogène, Studio Kiamika, Studio Dubé Est and at Fractal
Mixed by Loïc Thériault & MV
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk, NYC
Production : Mr. Label
Executive producer : Maître Cindy Larouche

Web design : Jimmy Goyette
Web programmation : David Esteves
Drawings : Samuel Cantin

MC TresE : Vocals on Shaving (Part 2)
Fanny Bloom : Vocals on Et si c'était un veau
Loïc Thériault : Guitar on To The Beat Sean

All songs written and composed by Misteur Valaire
except Shaving (Part 2) : Music by Misteur Valaire & Lyrics by MC TresE

Philosopher : Guillaume Déziel

We wanna say THANKS to these people : Karl Carlos Valaire Ramirez Licea Mexicain, Les Pandas (Alex Langlois & May Gauthier), David Veilleux, Denis Dulude, Paul Duhard, S2E7, Larry Jr. Dufresne, Mom, Benny B.B.Q., Armine Saïdi, Geneviève Miller, Alex Fallu, Jeune Chilly Chill, Funky Falz, Motus 3F, Ben Boutch, Etienne Dupuis, Iouri, Francis Ouellet, Mitch, Le Téléphone Rouge, Purdy, Mononc Rock, Davide, J-D, Meloche, La P'tite, la belle Kim, Bobby B. Ber et le Studio La Traque.

The Ariane Moffatt's participation on "Astronef" (a remix of the song "SP 4Lovers") is a courtesy of Les Disques Audiogramme inc. Thanks for the infinite generosity of Ariane and for the precious collaboration of Stéphanie Moffatt, at Mo'Fat Management.
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